DELL 990 USSF / i 5_ 2400

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    DELL 990 USFF


    CPU :  Intel Core i5-2400s 3 GHz, 73 W, 4MB cache, 1333 memory, Dual-Core

    Chipset : Intel H61 Express

    SMBIOS : ystem Management BIOS, previously known as DMI BIOS, is used to store system management information.

    Memory : 4G DDR3 runs at 1333 MHz due to chipset

    VGA : intel

    HDD : 250G/ 7200 rpm, SATA 6.0 Gb/s, SMART IV

    Networking/Communications : Intel Pro 1000 CT2 Gigabit Ethernet Network Card

    Audio/Multimedia : High Definition Audio with Realtek ALC221 codec (all ports are stereo)

    Power : 320 watts wide-ranging, active Power Factor Correction, 89% Efficient

    DVD : yes

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